The Design Coop

Inseedio is set to become an unique platform cooperative for change makers. We want to create the perfect fertile soil for designers and creative achievers to support each other in pushing the boundaries for immersive, relevant, effective and fun creative output. We are people who want to make a positive change to this world and at Inseedio you will feel right at home with people like yourself.

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Music pilot project

Does music really have to be just songs? That is the question we are exploring in this co-creative, decentralized art project where the love for music is put back at the heart of creative composing, production and entertainment. Stay tuned and you'll C#.



We are looking for "the crazy ones", the creative achievers and the change makers who would like to spice up Inseedio's creative teams in a cooperative way.

Client services

Contact us if you would like to give Inseedio a design challenge.

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